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About Us

We believe that exceptional products come from high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship. We carefully select top-tier materials from around the world and adhere to handcrafting techniques to ensure every product is unique and meticulously made. We hope that what you receive is not just a product, but a delightful surprise and a promise of continuous improvement.

In April 2021, when Michael first wore an Apple Watch, he felt the revolutionary impact of Apple's health software, enhancing his fitness and sparking a deep exploration of life.

In 2023, he began making watch straps himself. Despite challenges, he dedicated time and effort to refine his skills. When friends saw his handcrafted straps, they were amazed, bringing him satisfaction and inspiring his dream of starting his own brand.

Who We Are

We are a small team of adventure enthusiasts who deeply understand the importance of high-quality tools. Over the years, we have gathered a loyal customer base who shares our commitment to quality. Every piece of customer feedback is an opportunity for our growth. While our community continues to grow, we always remember our roots and values.

Impact on the


As we continue to grow, our impact on the environment increases. Therefore, we are committed to sourcing materials ethically, reducing waste, and collaborating with leading environmental companies. Our mission for the future is to promote sustainable development, ensuring that every step we take is more environmentally friendly. Learn more about our environmental efforts.

The future of Wristwit

What are Wristwit's next steps? We will continue to develop, innovate, and launch new products and designs, while maintaining our consistent high standards and attention to detail. We hope you will join us in witnessing our growth and progress together.

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