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Extreme Challenger|Fluorkautschukarmband

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Farbe: Orange
Größe: 49 mm / 45 mm

Entworfen für unerschrockene Entdecker. Dieses Armband lässt sich nahtlos vom Alltagsgebrauch bis hin zu Unterwasserabenteuern tragen und gewährleistet Haltbarkeit und Stil selbst in den aktivsten Umgebungen. Diese Armbänder sind ideal zum Tauchen, Schwimmen oder Sprinten und stellen das Höchstmaß an Eleganz und Ausdauer dar.

Normaler Preis $49.00
Normaler Preis Verkaufspreis $49.00

Completely Waterproof

Our performance straps are made from water-resistant FKM, offering versatility for all sports. They're durable and stylish, ensuring your watch is protected in any environment the ideal accessory for an active lifestyle.

Active Cooling

The strap features ventilation grooves on the outer side, which enhance airflow and prevent stickiness, keeping your wrist dry and clean. This design ensures comfort and cleanliness throughout the day.

Full Size Fits

The strap is equipped with multiple adjustment holes for a customizable fit, allowing you to freely adjust the length according to your wrist size.

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Compatible with Apple Watch Series 1 – 9, Apple Watch SE, and Apple Watch Ultra 1 and 2.

Performance Test Description

Made of Type 23-11 Fluorine Rubber
  • Corrosion Resistance: When submerged in 98% nitric acid at room temperature for 27 days, the volume expands only by 13% to 15%.
  • High-Temperature Resistance: Type 23-11 fluororubber can endure long-term use at temperatures up to 392°F (200°C) and withstand short-term exposure up to 482°F (250°C).
  • Aging Resistance: Shows no significant cracks after 45 days in an atmosphere containing 0.01% ozone.
  • Vacuum Performance: Features an extremely low degassing rate of only 37×10^-6 torr per second.
  • Mechanical Properties: Typically offers a tensile strength ranging from 10 to 20 MPa, with an elongation at break between 150% and 350%.
  • Insulation Performance: Fluororubber excels as an electrical insulator, making it ideal for low-frequency and low-voltage applications.