How to get the ideal watch band

Michael is very demanding. He inspects each of our leather watch bands to his own high standards as a craftsman. However, when we proposed making a metal watch band, problems arose. We tested every metal product on the market, but Michael questioned them all. He had strict requirements for comfort, ease of disassembly, durability, and appearance. No product met his standards, so we began searching for a solution.

Departure from Germany

In-depth manufacturing

Michael has always believed that excellent ideas come from practical operations. Michael spent a lot of time at work developing our ideal metal watch strap. In the early design stage, he always started thinking around various buckle straps, but this design could never meet his ideal plan.

Get creative

It wasn't until the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart that Michael got the idea. He realized that sometimes it was necessary to push the design forward rather than simply repeating existing designs.

Successfully Accomplished

After research and development, we finally succeeded in creating a metal watch strap that is quick to remove, easy to wear, and deeply designed.

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