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How to Add a Unique Personality to Your Wristwit Leather Goods

Owning a Wristwit leather product is equivalent to owning an exquisite handicraft. The leather goods you purchase or give as gifts can also be customized with free custom embossing to add a luxurious and personalized style, highlighting your extraordinary unique temperament.

This personalized customization service is available for a range of leather goods, including watch bands, mobile phone cases and more. After adding embossing, the leather goods will inherit the owner's personality and create a unique and extraordinary experience.

Leather Embossing Guide

Depending on the model, the number of embossed letters can be up to Four, making it ideal for imprinting the initials of the owner of leather goods. You can also choose to add spacers between letters.

Please note that font options may vary depending on the leather goods selected.

Text Color

Embossed text can be stamped with silver or gold foil, both of which add a luxurious metallic finish. For low-key luxury, choose the "plain" option, which is not filled with color and complements the natural color of the leather.

Please note that color options may vary depending on leather goods selected.

Engraving Position

The embossing position for initials on wallets, business card holders, and similar products is the lower right corner. For watch bands, initials are usually placed on the inside, and for headphone cases, they are on the lower right corner of the front exterior.

Please note that not all leather goods can be embossed. Customized leather goods are non-returnable and non-refundable. For more information, please contact our customer service team.


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