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The Wristwit MagSafe Charger utilizes MagSafe and wireless charging simultaneously for your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. Its foldable design easily reduces volume for convenient use in any situation.

  • 3-in-1 MagSafe charger
  • Official MFi MagSafe charging up to 15W
  • Apple Watch fast charger
  • AirPods Qi charging point
  • Foldable structure
  • 2.0-meter USB-C to USB-C cable
  • Requires a 30W USB-C power adapter (not included)
Regular price $99.00
Regular price Sale price $99.00

2x Faster Charging with MagSafe

Folding Design

The days of needing multiple chargers are gone, thanks to an integrated compact design that keeps your devices charged and ready at all times. Additionally, it's easily foldable, allowing you to adjust your phone to the ideal angle for more convenient daily use.

For Your Apple Essentials

Experience worry-free charging with Wristwit's integratedApple Watch fast charger and dedicated AirPods chargingtray.Gone are the days of using multiple chargers at thesame time-keep all your functions powered up and readyto go with all the functionalityintegrated into one cohesivedesign.

Strong Adhesion

Easily attaches to your iPhone for effortless charging.

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  • High quality PC case
  • Apple MagSafe Fast Charger
  • AirPods Qi Charging Stand


  • Up to 15W MagSafe wireless charging
  • Fast charging only available for Apple Watch Series 7, 8, 9,Ultra and Ultra 2
  • Up to 5W wireless charging for AirPods & AirPods Pro


  • Charges any MagSafe and Qi2 device
  • Raised MagSafe Charger ensures compatibility with any camera
  • Does not support iPhone StandBy when charging Apple Watch
  • Compatible with Apple Watch Series 1-9, SE, Ultra, and Ultra 2
  • Fast charging only available forApple Watch Series 7, 8, 9, Ultraand Ultra 2
  • AirPods charging dish supportsany wireless charging enabled AirPods

Care Instructions

  • Can Wristwit MagSafe Charger non-MagSafe devices?
  • Due to its upright orientation, Wristwit MagSafe Chargercannot charge all Qi wireless charging devices. It can only chargeMagSafe.
  • Can the Wristwit MagSafe charger wirelessly charge AirPods?
  • Wristwit MagSafe Charger is equipped with a designated AirPods charging disc and is compatible with any AirPods and AirPods Pro that support wireless charging.
  • Does it support StandBy?
  • Wristwit MagSafe Charger will not support StandBy if the Apple Watch is charging. Apple Watch will prevent your iPhone from getting stuck in horizontal orientation.
  • Can the Wristwit MagSafe Charger wirelessly charge my Apple Watch?
  • Wristwit MagSafe Charger is compatible with Apple Watch Series 1-9, SE, Ultra and Ultra 2. Fast charging is only available on Apple Watch Series 7, 8, 9, Ultra, and Ultra 2.
  • How much power does the Wristwit MagSafe Charger require?
  • Wristwit MagSafe Charger requires at least a 30W power adapter.