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USB-C Cable

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Length: 1m
Color: Black

When charging your USB-C devices, you need a cable that can keep up with the speed. This cable is designed for the most demanding applications, featuring a high-strength braided outer sheath and durable metal alloy connector plugs.

  • 100W USB-C PD
  • High-strength braided outer sheath
  • Metal alloy connector plugs
  • Available in lengths of 1 meter and 2 meters
Regular price $9.90
Regular price Sale price $9.90
USB-C Cable Wristwit

High-Strength Materials

We grew tired of cables that fail after just a few years of use, so we meticulously designed a unique, ultra-durable charging solution. This cable features a 48-strand braided shielding, ensuring durability that surpasses any other cable on the market.

Robust Alloy Shell and Durable Connectors

Each charging connector is equipped with a robust alloy tip, securely protecting both ends of the cable. You can confidently use your cable for the coming years, and to provide further assurance, we offer a comprehensive 9-year warranty.

Leather Cable Organizer

To better manage your cables at home or on the go, we provide a genuine leather cable organizer. Made from top-quality full-grain leather, it is not only durable but also becomes smoother and glossier with use over time.

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  • 48-strand braided casing
  • Metal connector housing
  • Leather Cable Organizer
  • RF Shield for Fast Sync
  • USB 2.0 data transfer
  • Supports up to 5A at 12V (60W) with a USB-C PD compatible charger
  • Includes a 9-year warranty with free replacement if damaged.
  • Protect your MacBook Pro
  • CE
  • RoHS
  • UKCA
  • Prop 65


Does USB-C Cable have data limits?
  • USB-C Cable is designed to charge, not transfer data. We use USB 2.0 data transfer speeds to allow for longer cable length.
How fast does USB-C Cable charge?
  • USB-C Cable charges at up to 60W through USB-C PD. Charging speeds vary depending on your adapter and device.
How durable is USB-C Cable?
  • When manufacturing this cable, we focused on durability and used the most robust and reliable materials. The casing is designed to protect the internal wires, while the metal connector tips stabilize the ends of the cable, effectively protecting the areas where cables are most likely to fail.