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Leather MacBook Air Bag

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color: Brown
Model: 13 inches

MacBook sleeves keep your MacBook looking refined while maintaining its slim profile. Handcrafted Italian leather develops a perfect bronzed green hue over time, making your sleeve more perfect with each use.

  • Italian leather
  • Slim structure
  • Protective microfiber interior
  • Handcrafted
  • Magnetic closure
  • Perfect bronzed green hue
  • Fits all MacBook sizes
Regular price $189.00
Regular price $219.00 Sale price $189.00

Comprehensive Protection

Our handcrafted laptop sleeve, made from high-density genuine leather, is designed to fit your MacBook perfectly and provide exceptional comfort. Its classic, elegant design gains unique charm over time, while the durable construction protects against daily wear, scratches, and impacts, ensuring long-lasting protection for your MacBook.


This laptop sleeve not only provides comprehensive protection for your computer but also doubles as a mouse pad, offering both practicality and convenience.

Rugged Patina

As you use your leather gear daily, it will develop polished marks and scratches, gradually revealing a rich and lustrous patina that becomes uniquely yours. From day one to day one hundred, your watch case will withstand the elements without showing wear, instead developing a handsome and distinctive character full of personality.
DAY 1 DAY 100

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  • ltalian Nappa leather
  • Hand-stitched
  • N42 grade magnets
  • Compatible with all MacBook models
Intended use
  • Protect your MacBook Pro

Care Instructions

What is the fit like for MacBook Pro?

Leather Sleeve is form-fitting for 16-inch MacBook Pro and matches the MacBook’s dimensions as close as possible while still allowing enough room for easy access.

What other laptops does it fit?

This protective sleeve has been optimized to perfectly fit all laptops from 13 to 16 inches. Any computer within this size range will be perfectly accommodated and fully protected.