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Leather Airtag Case

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Color: Brown

Our leather keychain integrates the functionality of AirTag into your daily carry items, featuring handcrafted Italian leather with a secure clip. This keychain is designed to permanently secure the powerful location-tracking device to your keys, ensuring that finding your keys in emergencies is as simple as using the native "Find My" app on iPhone.

  • Crafted from exquisite Italian leather
  • Handcrafted
  • Comes with a gold stainless steel key clip

Regular price $49.00
Regular price Sale price $49.00

Keychain for AirTag

Insert the AirTag into the leather keychain to easily locate your keys. This compact accessory enhances your everyday carry, equipped with a gold key ring that allows you to attach it to your existing keychain or start a new setup.

Tracking Made Easy

Equipped with a built-in key ring hole and including a key ring, this sturdy key ring makes tracking your belongings easy. Never lose your keys or luggage again.

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  • functional design for Apple AirTag
  • strong leather, elaborately processed by hand
  • Leather strap dimensions: 75 mm / 44 mm
  • Includes stainless steel key ring


The Wristwit AirTag case is handmade.