How to Get a More Suitable Watch band for Summer

Summer Design

During hot summer days, comfort and durability are crucial. Traditional leather watch bands are often affected by moisture and lack waterproofing. After extensive research and testing, we've developed a revolutionary double-layer top-grain leather bonding technology. This enhances waterproofing, making the band resistant to sweat and splashes .

Suitable For Any Environment

Our leather watch band maintains a natural, elegant appearance while now featuring a waterproof layer for optimal performance in moist environments. Rigorous folding tests confirmed its durability, showing the strap quickly recovers without creasing, ensuring long-lasting quality.

Better Patina


The double-layer design improves the watch band's strength and comfort. The inner layer offers a soft feel against the skin, while the outer layer adds durability and aesthetic appeal. With time, the band develops a unique patina, enhancing its beauty and protective qualities.

Pursuit of Quality

We're excited to announce our new high-performance leather watch band, meeting demands for quality, durability, and waterproof features. Praised for craftsmanship and performance, it reflects our commitment to excellence. With innovative double-layer top-grain leather bonding, we've overcome traditional water resistance limits while preserving genuine leather's superior qualities.

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